100 % Real Wood Fired Pizza @ Elder & Wolf, Whitley Bay. Filling Your Belly With Fire!

Open for real wood fired pizza, flat breads, doughs, slaws, meat and desserts 5 days a week.

If you would like to book a table with us then please call or text us on 07599 833611 or use the online contact form below.

(Please note on busy services we may only be able to take bookings for tables of 4 or more due to the limited number of smaller tables we currently have available).

Elder and Wolf ~ Filling Your Belly With Fire!

Elder & Wolf ~ New Wood Fired Eatery In Whitley Bay!

With a menu that includes some of the best locally sourced ingredients in the north east of England and the only eatery in Whitley Bay that smokes and serves all its meats and pizza’s from our built by hand, open wood fired oven and kitchen.

Our passion for cooking with fire has evolved to deliver the most natural tasting, comforting foods created from the beautiful affinity of fusing wood, meat, dough and flame.

Come join us for breakfast, lunch or supper 6 days a week at 171 Whitley Road, Whitley Bay.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Elder and Wolf, Whitley Bay: Award Winning Kebabs, Pizzas & Platters!


The North East has long had a scattering of kebabs shops and pizza restaurants but now Elder and Wolf in Whitley Bay are taking things a step further and have opened a brand new restaurant and cocktail bar/free house serving real wood fired gourmet kebabs and home made flatbreads, pizza’s, doughs, and slaws.

With a built by hand real wood fired oven, Northumberland  master butchered meats, hand made doughs and all  locally sourced ingredients. Elder and Wolf is the only eatery in Whitley Bay that smokes and serves all its meats and pizza’s from an open wood fired kitchen.


Pilgrims Coffee ~ Only For The Holy!

Elder and Wolf are now serving hand roasted artisan coffee, hand roasted by Pilgrims Coffee Company and brewed and roasted on a yurt on Holy Island, Northumberland.

Thank you to Andy at Pilgrims Coffee for providing us with the best coffee we have ever tasted!