The Humble Kebab

We have come together to explore new approaches and pay homage to the humble kebab. With a passion for moving…

Sourdough Pizza

Wood Fired Sourdough Pizza : (No Gas, No Electric. Just Real Woodfired Pizza Cooked Strait from The Fire)

Wood Fired Dough & Flat Breads

Real wood fired dough filled with super-succulent chargrilled chicken marinated in paprika and fresh herbs, served with wood fired roast…

Holy Smoke Kebab’s!

With no inspiration to follow, no restaurants or chefs’s to guide us but just an undying passion for creating the ultimate kebab – we have designed and built our kebab fired oven’s and menu from scratch. And while the kebab may have changed from it’s original recipe thousands of years ago, our passion for this ancient food hasn’t and when you combine the natural affinity of food, wood and flame then what you get is one of the best tasting dishes that has ever been created!

Add Some Home Made Sides!

ADD SOME SIDES: (just 2.95 each)
homemade slaw / wood roasted potatoes/ beef fat chips / beet & feta salad / ember roasted veg / chipolte salsa dip / hot mustard sauce / crushed garlic mayo