We offer a full gluten free menu including gluten free woodfired tacos, gluten free sides, woodfired vegetarian kebabs, vegan woodfired tacos, pizzas & vegan sides.

With an allergy aware kitchen we are always happy to work with you to make your meal with us as safe as possible for you. And while we are unable to 100% guarantee that no cross contamination could occur as our kitchen does contain other foods that contain gluten, we do cook all our gluten free food on pans & equipment that is only used for food that contain no gluten.

We also do not use any products with nuts in our kitchen and again while we can never 100% guarantee that your food is completely nut free as some of the spices we use may have been made in an environment that contains nuts, we do have many people who eat with us on a regular basis who have nut allergies.

If you do have an allergy please let just us know on ordering so that we can make sure the kitchen team aware of your specific needs as we really will go out of our way to make sure you get the best experience with us as you possibly can.